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Life Coaching

Coaching is a powerful commitment and partnership that employs a thought-provoking and creative process that focuses on connecting people to performance, personally and professionally, through the concept of empowerment. Coaching is all about change. It helps people to clarify objectives and to discover more effective approaches for achieving those objectives. Coaching focuses on solutions, not problems, to help transcend people from good to great. The coach’s primary focus and concern is their client, and fostering an incredible sense of trust to identify goals and dreams that lie deep within each individual. Coaching is action-oriented. This is very different from traditional helping modes where it is often about “fixing” a problem.

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Executive/Business Coaching

Executive/Business Coaching is aimed at inspiring business and executive leaders to make dramatic changes transforming into a more resourceful and effective professional. A powerful relationship is formed between the client and coach focusing on professional development, individual skill sets, and overall increased performance. Using a wide variety of techniques and strategies the coach assists the client in achieving an identified set of goals to improve performance and effectiveness in the work environment.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching focuses on those individuals in transition, or looking to create a change in their career. Coaching focuses on the creation of a job search “campaign” including an effective resume, networking opportunities, interviewing skills, and other intangibles related to finding an appropriate position in today’s job market. Using a wide variety of techniques and strategies the coach assists the client in achieving a reasonable action plan to overcome the adversities faced with looking for employment.

Peak Performance Coaching

This powerful mental training program is designed for student athletes who want to take their game to a higher level by applying the secrets and techniques world-class athletes use for their mental game. Using the extremely powerful ACE Training method, athletes raise their Awareness of their mental game, engage in the most sophisticated Coaching techniques, and then Execute a customized game plan unique to their sport, skills, and ability. Athletes are introduced to the ‘Five Pillars of PRIDE’ Peak Performance Program and taught how to utilize them to be better prepared and focused to elevate their performance both on the field and in the classroom.

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Operation PRIDE

The coaching program helps middles school students reflect on who they are and what type of student they truly want to be. Using a strategic coaching process, Operation PRIDE teaches students greater respect for the choices they make, increased confidence in themselves, better organization, study and problem solving skills, stronger relationships with educators, and more motivation and commitment towards their schoolwork. Students meet in a small group once a week and learn powerful tools and skills to become a successful lifelong learner. In addition, each participant receives a powerful PRIDE Lifebook.

Energy Leadership Assessments (including 360 assessments)

The Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. The E.L.I. forms the initial launching point for the Energy Leadership Development System, helping give you a baseline for your current performance and situation. Whether you proceed through the full system or not, the realizations that you’ll gain from the Energy Leadership assessment and debrief process alone will change the way you view your world.

Team and Group

Team/Group Coaching

Team coaching drives the developmental abilities of the team to work together to achieve greater results. It offers direct interaction with a team intended to help members make full, coordinated use of collective resources in building relationships, communicating and accomplishing the work.
Modern research shows that collaborating in teams increases motivation, effort, and productivity. Teams are a necessary part of the work environment and having coaches for the teams results in dramatic outcomes as those teams realize their goals. The team coach’s job is to support the team to reach goals in a timely fashion while leaders on the team are developing their skills.