who we are

Project NextGen is a leadership training and professional coaching organization. It was created to offer leadership programs, workshops, and professional coaching to our future leaders, the Millennial Generation. Born between 1980 and 2001, the millennials were and are sometimes, coddled by their parents and nurtured with a strong sense of entitlement. They are sometimes known as Twentysomethings, Internet Generation or Generation Y, and they are at the forefront of the workforce. They are the hottest commodity in the job market. They’re sociable, optimistic, talented, well-educated, collaborative, open-minded, influential and achievement-oriented. They’ve always felt sought after, needed and indispensable. They are arriving into the workplace with higher expectations than ever before.

Our purpose is to empower our future leaders with the skills sets needed to be successful in this complex, global, and ever-changing world. We work with educators, parents, managers, leaders, and organizations to help motivate, develop and manage this new generation.

Project NextGen was created by Your Personal Coach LLC, a professional coaching firm, established in May 2005.

President/CEO – Randy Nathan, MSW


Coach Randy is an international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and edutainer. His high energy and dynamic approach engages participants by introducing valuable strategies to overcome obstacles and inspires them to achieve their personal goals. Some of his topics include, Bullying in Sports: The Injuries We Don’t See, The Bystander Bully, The Leader in You, The Bully in Me, The Power of Personal CHOICE, Operation PRIDE, LEAP into Excellence – the Five Core Principles, parent programs and corporate presentations.

Coach Randy is the founder and creator of The Five-Star Coach, The LEAP Program, Teen Life Coach Training, Career JumpStart, Workforce 2.0, and Peak Performance Coaching; compelling empowerment programs that foster better choices, increased confidence and self-esteem, enhanced motivation, and greater sense of direction. Coach Randy has written numerous articles, hosted his own radio show, and is Fox 5′s Good Day New York area anti-bullying expert.

Thousands of individuals have benefited from Coach Randy’s motivation, training, facilitation and coaching services. Having earned his BA from the University of Colorado (Sociology & Education), an MSW from the University of Southern California, a MA in Non-Profit Management from Hebrew Union College, and his coaching certification from iPEC Coaching, Randy has spent over twenty years inspiring individuals as a motivational speaker, educator, athletic coach, camp director, and professional coach.

His hands-on approach coupled with his background, education and training, has proven to be extremely beneficial. His sense of humor, sensitivity and contagious enthusiasm stimulate and motivate audiences of all ages. Coach Randy is married to Jessa and has four children. To learn more about how you can bring him to your organization please call (973) 809-3223, or email coachrandy@projectnextgen.com.

Why we’re Unique

Project NextGen uses a powerful and multi-faceted approach that focuses exclusively on the Millennial generation. Millennials are individuals born between 1980-2001 and are transforming all aspects of our communities, including family, schools, colleges, and corporations. We are the leading professional coaching program and offer vital services to individuals, parents, families, educators, and corporations. Project NextGen utilizes an advanced coaching program and a highly effective leadership training methodology to engage and challenge individuals and companies to realize their full potential, improve their performance, and successfully achieve their goals.


Our coaching programs are designed to create lasting results rather than the motivational “quick fix” approach typical of many seminar-based training experiences. Our programs have been created through years of experience, training, and research in the fields of professional coaching, business, education and human behavior. Our coaches and facilitators are professionally trained and have all completed a Certified Coach Training program.


We understand that success in dealing with Millennials is directly related to the effective and appropriate skills of those connected with these individuals. Whether in the home, in the education system, athletics, or in the corporate arena, our solutions help individuals become more effective communicators, better mentors and coaches, and competent advocates of change.

We are unique because we deliver:

  • Total Solutions:

    From our programs, training, individual and group coaching, we offer the critical components needed to maximize the impact of change and create a successful, forward thinking culture.

  • Curriculum:

    Our comprehensive, customizable and individual-focused curriculum is effective in all scenarios regardless of school, institution, family or organization.

  • Results:

    Our client referrals and the longevity of the results achieved demonstrate the effectiveness of our coaching and training solutions and why we are the industry leaders regarding the Millennial generation.



Project NextGen has assembled a core team of trained and certified coaches, including professional alliances in order to provide the most efficient and effective tools and techniques to create change.